Rok the God Kickstarter and preview comic.


The new ROK THE GOD Kickstarter will launch on OCTOBER 2nd 2019. 

The book will be 120+ full colour pages packed with weird aliens, evil and greedy football owners, miniaturised characters and of course everyone’s favorite Big Red Alien ROK.

With lots of rewards on offer including:

– Special Brian Bolland variant COVER!

– Exclusive Kickstarter Only POSTER by SIMON BISLEY!

– COMMISSION SKETCHES by DAN CORNWELL – Character of your choice.

+ Much much more. 

Whats not to like? WAGNER, GRANT, CORNWELL, BOLLAND, BISLEY, BULMER & CAMPBELL! That’s a lineup!

Prior to the Kickstarter launch we have released a special preview issue  of ROK THE GOD. 20 full colour  pages to wet your appetite. If you’d like a copy of the comic please contact me direct on my  FACEBOOK page here.

Here’s the official press release.






Recent activity.

So again, long break from updating this site due to workload, not that I’m complaining. Along with the ongoing second series of Rok titled ROK THE GOD, I’ve also just completed a new Max Normal series for 2000AD, his first feature length series!

Also been to a few great conventions of late. Two crackers that are Oldham Comic Con organised by Dennis Whittle and Lawless organised by Su Haddrell. Both were a massive success and an absolute pleasure to be a guest at.

Anyway here are a few images from Max Normal and some other illustrations I’ve done recently. Enjoy.

Been a while….

I’ve been very busy of late with multiple projects which means I’ve not been able to update this page, unfortunately. So here’s a heads up of what’s been happening in my little world.

First up I’ve been in 2000AD a few times recently, specifically progs 2081, 2090, 2112. Some images from those stories below.

On top of those I’ve just recently made my debut in JUDGE DREDD MEGAZINE 405 with a Dredd story by Rory McConville colours by Jim Boswell lettered by Annie Parkhouse. This is a two part story.

I’m currently working on a multi-part Max Normal story for 2000AD written by Guy Adams colours again by Jim Boswell. This should appear in early spring. Details of where to buy issues and all the latest new can be found here at 2000AD.

Also released this month is JUDGE DREDD THE CURSED EARTH game by Osprey Games. I along with Rufus Dayglo were the artists on this game. This was the first design work I’ve done as most work I do is sequential work so this was great fun and a exciting opportunity for me. I’m hoping to do more design work in the near future too. Check here for updates.

The game can be found here if you fancy buying a copy or two? A sample of one of the cards below along with the game itself.

Comic con season is just around the corner and I will be attending quite a few. I’ll post a list of dates and venues in the next week or two, but just as it’s only a couple of weeks away the first of the year will be ICE Brighton on Saturday 9th March. Tickets available here.

Rok the God, the second series is an ongoing project too. John Wagner and myself are working out the best way to bring Rok’s second season to readers. Again check here for updates.

Lawgiver and Glasgow comic cons

Been a while since I’ve updated this site as I’ve been quite busy of late.

On going comic work and other works for clients I’ve also attended a few fantastic conventions across the country. First of was the Oldham Comic Con which I attended along with John Wagner. It was a great event made even better by the fact it was free. Then at the end of May it was Lawgiver in Bristol. A Judge Dredd themed comic con that was fantastic. One of those conventions where everyone is there for the love of one character. Great event.

Finally it was the Glasgow Comic Con which I attended – again with John Wagner – just last weekend. We were blessed with stunning weather for all three conventions but the numbers of fans attending didn’t drop despite this. Three fantastic conventions in three great cities.

Here are some photos, sketches and pre-con sketches from the weekends.

Oldham Comic Con

I will be attending this years Oldham Comic Con this Saturday along with John Wagner and many, many other comic creators. If you love Rok, 2000AD or any comics then pop along and say hi. It looks like a great event.

I could do a little doodle for you like the one below.

Detail on the event can be found here.