Lawgiver and Glasgow comic cons

Been a while since I’ve updated this site as I’ve been quite busy of late.

On going comic work and other works for clients I’ve also attended a few fantastic conventions across the country. First of was the Oldham Comic Con which I attended along with John Wagner. It was a great event made even better by the fact it was free. Then at the end of May it was Lawgiver in Bristol. A Judge Dredd themed comic con that was fantastic. One of those conventions where everyone is there for the love of one character. Great event.

Finally it was the Glasgow Comic Con which I attended – again with John Wagner – just last weekend. We were blessed with stunning weather for all three conventions but the numbers of fans attending didn’t drop despite this. Three fantastic conventions in three great cities.

Here are some photos, sketches and pre-con sketches from the weekends.

Oldham Comic Con

I will be attending this years Oldham Comic Con this Saturday along with John Wagner and many, many other comic creators. If you love Rok, 2000AD or any comics then pop along and say hi. It looks like a great event.

I could do a little doodle for you like the one below.

Detail on the event can be found here.

A couple of recent commissions.

Here’s a couple of commissions I’ve done in the last couple of weeks. Judge Grampus in a A5 pad and Fear Agent in a A4 pad.

If you’re interested in a one off piece of art then please contact me here or via my Facebook page. Prices on request.

Rok Trade paperback out now

Rok of the Reds has now been collected in this little beauty. Available from all good bookshops, Amazon, comic stores and if you’d like a copy signed by myself via my Facebook page or by messaging me here.

144 pages of action, including added extras.

2000AD PROG 2073

The latest issue of 2000AD is out this coming Wednesday and it features a Judge Fear story by Kek-W and myself.

Beyond the wonderful Greg Staples cover this bumper jumping on issue is absolutely full of great stories by some great writers and artists.

It’s also contains my black and white debut. I really enjoyed drawing yet another iconic character from the mighty prog in Judge Fear. A formidable member of the Dark Judges who’s currently in containment in the Big Meg.

Here’s a sample.

You can get yourself a copy here.

In other news I have finally gone freelance full time. I’ve had to leave the day job in order to concentrate on the freelance work which I’m absolutely thrilled about. I’ll now be able to tackle more projects including concept design, character design, storyboarding and of course comics.

This also opens the door to starting a commission list. So if you’re interested in a one off piece of art then don’t hesitate contacting me here or on my Facebook page.