What a week. 

Had the privilege of being invited to the Enniskillen Comic Fest by Paul Trimble which coincided with the launch of the final issue of Rok Of The Reds. My wife Becky and I joined John Wagner in Northern Ireland for a thoroughly enjoyable event which was also part of 2000ad’s 40th celebrations.

There were a multitude of talented writers, artists and comic folk in general. Lots a great company all gathered with the mutual love of all things comic. A superb event that can only get better and better. Paul and his team did a marvellous job and made everyone very welcome. If you get a chance to go next year don’t hesitate. You won’t regret it, I promise.

On to Rok. So the final issue is now available. It’s a gripping finale to this 6 part mini series which I have been lucky enough to illustrate. Don’t panic though, John assures me that series 2 is in the works. 

If you can’t wait for that then why not treat yourself to the first series if you haven’t already. Contact me here or easier still via my Facebook page. I can’t give you all the details you need.

2000AD 40th Anniversary 


I was lucky enough to attend the 2000AD 40th convention in Hammersmith, London. It was a cracking event, absolutely rammed with creators and fans full of love for The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic. 
I attended as a punter, but I was invited by John Wagner to join him at his table so I could sign copies of ROK OF THE REDS. Of course it was an honour. I hardly left the table throughout the day (apart from the odd pint or two at the bar) and signed hundreds of ROK comics which were going down a treat with the 2000AD crowd. It was an epic sales day, so much so that we actually ran out of issues 1-3! 

My only regret was I didn’t have time to wander the arena and gather signatures and chat to all the creators I have grown up reading and admiring. I bumped into Simon Bisley (quite literally) and grabbed at brief chat and photo, the only photo I have of the whole day! I also had a drunken (me) chat with him in the bar that evening. 

In the evening my wife and I were invited to dinner with John Wagner, his two daughters, Sarah and Rachel and his wife Jenny O’Conner (an author herself, check out The Goblin Princess on Amazon). Much to my amazement we would also be joined by the legendary Carlos Ezquerra, the co-creator of many of 2000AD’s greatest characters. 

John and Carlos were there at the beginning of 2000AD. To be at the table, asking them countless questions and being given advice by these icons we an amazing experience.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Matt Smith (Tharg the Mighty), 2000ad’s editor who confirmed that I will be drawing a Judge Dredd tale, written by John Wagner, and appearing in the comic this year! You can imagine my excitement. This is a dream of mine for the past 25+ years and working on ROK OF THE REDS has opened the door. I can’t thank John Wagner enough for what I’ve been able to do for the last year or two. An absolute honour to work on Rok with him and a possible second series.

In short, a weekend that I will never forget.

ROK OF THE REDS 1-5 are still available. Contact me via Facebook or message me here if you’re interested in signed copies.

ROK OF THE REDS #5 out now!

So the penultimate episode of ROK OF THE REDS is now available through BHP COMICS and also available through me via my Facebook page. You can also contact me via this website.

What’s going to happen to the Radford Reds cup run and what about the arrival of the Executors? Find out in the latest issue.

John Wagner will be appearing at the 2000AD 40th birthday celebrations where I will also make a brief appearance to sign copies of ROK. Unfortunately tickets are sold out but you may catch us in one of the many pubs in and around the venue.

Rok of the Reds 3 & 4 out NOW!

Been a while since I updated this site. Better late than never.

Well Rok of the Reds issues 3 & 4 are now available. You can purchase them through BHP COMICS or by contacting me direct through my Facebook page. The copies that I have will be signed by John Wagner and myself. What with Christmas just around the corner what could be better than a gift of Rok to that special someone. 

Issue 5, the penultimate issue will be available in early January. Rid those January blues with some Rokkin action for our favourite alien football ace, Rok!

We’ve had wonderful feedback from fans and comic journalists. Some saying it’s the best independent comic out there. Check out the latest issue of SFX Magazine who reviewed it and rated it very highly indeed. Well, why wouldn’t they?

 There will also be a feature in When Saturday Comes football magazine in the new year sometime in which John and myself were interviewed. 

Rok of the Reds 3 out soon!

So issue 3 of Rok of the Reds is out in just over a week and you can get yourself a copy from BHP here. 
I too will have copies which will be signed by John Wagner and myself. You can contact me via this site or via the Rok of the Reds Facebook site here to request info on how to go about purchasing these signed copies. What?! You don’t even have issues 1 and 2?! Fear not, these too can be purchased via the methods above. 

Comic book legend John Wagner himself will have copies at the multiple comic events he will be attending this summer including the London Film & Comic Con on the weekend of 29th-31st July.

Enniskillen Comicfest

I unfortunately won’t be attending the Enniskillen Comicfest on the 6th & 7th May but John Wagner’s co-writer and comic legend Alan A. Grant will be. I’ve drawn a sketch of ROK that will be up for auction to raise money for the local children’s hospice. I’m sure Alan would be more than happy to sign the sketch so if you’re going then bid on the piece, it’s for a great cause. 
The sketch itself may possibly be used in a future issue as a pinup.