2000AD Competition entry

Well here’s an relatively old picture of Dredd’s Lawmaster I done a while back. I played with the image a little and added some extra details including a retro 2000AD logo which I changed a little. I had to do this with a 72dpi image as my original file is on an old kaput computer, along with many others.

You can check out the other entries along with other awesome stuff on the 2000AD website and forums.




Shit Fingers group shot and process

This is a demo group shot of The Flingers finished. I’m happy with it. More importantly Jimmy Furlong is too. Can’t wait to get started on the script by Chris Redfern which I can tell you is amazing. But first up its a strip by the writer Chris Sides which, believe me, is freaking good. Keep an eye on 100% Biodegradable Comic for news and release.

100% Biodegradable comic

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