Area 101 Pages

Here’s a couple of pages from Area 101. It will be available soon but I thought two pages might just wet your appetite.101p2texflat 101p4flat


Shit Flingers announcement.



Just been announced that “Nemesis Rising” a story by Chris Redfern and myself is the newest story for the Shit Flingers story arc. Such a proud moment and a very exciting one too. These Monkeys are going to have epic battles and I’m very proud that Chris and myself are involved and would like to thank Jimmy Furlong for the opportunity. This is going to be fun! Keep it here or check out the official pages.

Inspiring New York.

Never have I been to a city that makes me want to pick up a pencil and start drawing comics quite like New York! Many great comic book artists and writers have come from or live in New York and the influence this city has on their work is obvious. Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Greg Capullo and many many more. As you walk around you can imagine Spidey swinging or Superman swooping through this city. Batman perched on the ‘hood’ ornaments atop the Chrysler Building or any of the gothic building they have here. If I wasn’t on holiday with many sights and things to do I would just sit on streets corners drawing my surroundings. But at least I can take photos. These will be reference material for many years to come. Or until I visit here again.







Soldiers Guilt writer Ollie Masters Vertigo book!

I just want to congratulate Ollie after his new book The Kitchen was announced by none other than Vertigo comics! It’s what we’re all doing this for, getting stories and art out there for people all over to see what we love to do.

He done an awesome job on Soldiers Guilt with me on art for Futurequake a while back and I knew it wouldn’t be long before he’d go pro.

Well done man!