Had a fab time at the LFCC in the Olympia London, for the release of ROK OF THE REDS.

John Wagner and myself were there to sign copies and introduce people to the world of ROK. It was my first con as a guest and an absolute joy.
I would like to thank all those who turned up and bought the first issue and had a chat.

If you want to order the amazing first issue you can do here

Already we are receiving positive feedback and there is talk of a possible second series should ROK survive! Shhhh keep that to yourselves. 

London Film & Comic Con

John Wagner and myself will be attending the London film & Comic con at the Olympia this February. We will be signing the first amazing issue of Rok of the Reds so come along and say hi. This will be my first appearance as a guest so I’m really looking forward to it. Unfortunately I can only attend on Saturday 27th but I will make the most of it. If you can’t come along I’m sure we will do signings at other locations throughout the year. When we know I’ll release the dates on here. See you soon.

ROK OF THE REDS pre-order



Only one month to go until Rok of the Reds hits the shelves and you can pre-order it here

Written by industry legends John Wagner and Alan Grant, I supply the art. Colours courtesy of Abby Bulmer and lettering by Jim Campbell. Aliens, spaceships, egos, alien worlds, bobbies on the beat and all wrapped up in the topsy-turvy world of football it’s a cracking tale that you shouldn’t miss. So don’t, hit that link and pre-order. You won’t regret it.


Comic Heroes 26 has a great interview with John Wagner on the soon to be released Rok of the Reds. The first issue due out early March. The comic is a six part bi-monthly story about Rok of Arkadi, an alien fugitive who’s life collides with Kyle Dixon, a troubled footballer who plays for the Radford Reds. 

Comic Heroes 26 is out now in all good comic shops and WH Smiths.


Some of the new tools

I have recently started using a variety of new pens for my inking, for the sake of speed. I would normally use Windsor & Newton Raphael 2 or 3 and I have no complaints but I wanted to be able to hit the pages after a day’s work and the process was slowing me down. Not by a great deal mind you, just enough to make me avoid inking after an 11 hour day at work. Also, with Raphael brushes they tend to be a little hit and miss in terms of consistency. Quality wise. They are the best out there and the price reflects that. £12-£15 is quite pricey. Another reason for trying brush pens. I will still use brush and ink but I see no harm in trying different tools.

So I tried out these pens. The best by far are the Pental brush and the Tombow brush pens. These are fantastic pens. I’ve had the Pental brush for a couple of years but never go round to using it on finished pages. The Pental will give you a much broader stroke and fine line but takes a steady hand to master whereas the Tombow is a little more forgiving. I also use the Faber-Castall s for backgound detailing or the Pental Tradio which can also give a variety of line width. 

I can’t recommend the first two enough. The Pental brush also comes with refills and is quite reasonably priced. 

Give them a go. You won’t regret it.


Judge Dredd Megazine!!


Better late than never! I’m surprised it’s taken me so long to post this but I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve just not had the time. John Wagner and myself were interviewed about the upcoming Rok of the Reds books that will be released in March ’16. Yes you heard right, ‘Rok’ not ‘Rom’. A certain company has re-booted their character Rom so we had to make a change. For the better I think. 

Anyway the interview is in the August issue of the Meg. It was a real pleasure to do and I’m very greatful to the guys at 2000AD and Rebelion for their support.

You can buy it here along with other great stuff