Inks, inks and more inks!


Been breaking in my new nibs lately and they seem to be becoming much more flexible. I’m using a Hunt 102 nib which can be quite scratchy to start but as I’m getting used to it I’m beginning to fall in love. I still use my brushes but not as much as before. Now it’s more for texture than line work which I use nib now. Great nib and well worth persevering. They do soften up.

Its a learning process, I guess.

Well after a year or more of drawing scripts for Futurequake I have noticed how dark all my pictures were looking, especially in print. This is down to me being a bit of a tool.

I had noticed when i viewed my comic work on other devices and in print the grey scale shading was awful. I put this down to the screen resolution or something else when it came to the iPad etc, but I couldn’t understand why it looked so child-like in print. Until now.


I’ve had my monitor set up wrong. It was set in ‘game’ mode, which happens to be much brighter then normal, hence when I sent my work to Dave at Futurequake he would see my work totally different to how I saw my work.

This has now been rectified and all my future work WILL appear EXACTLY how I intend them to look. Not dark and as if coloured by a child.